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& Workshops

1 Hour Keynote


Trainings & Workshops

Upon completion of your individual Communication or DEI plans, we will facilitate organization-specific coaching, training, and  workshops for your executives, managers, and line staff that are designed to ensure the successful implementation of your new plan.

Our experts will not simply put these new plans in place and disappear, we will conduct anonymous surveys to determine employee satisfaction and solicit feedback on ways the plan can be improved upon.


Changes in organizational culture cannot occur overnight, we will facilitate the tough conversations and create a safe space for thoughtful and introspective discussion.

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Coaching & Consulting

Our team will provide a-la-carte coaching and/or consulting when managing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion issues that may arise. We will provide strategic communication, email response and correspondence preparation, and media management services, as required.

Business Meeting

1-Hour Keynote Presentation

If you don't feel that your organization (or your budget) is quite ready to implement one of our more robust DEI plans, our CEO and Principal Consultant, Paula Swift, is ready to tackle those tough conversations head on and speak with your team about the critical importance of maintaining a culture of inclusivity and the benefits it can produce  Honest and transparent discussion is key and Paula is here to walk you through it.

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